ARP Washers

$ 3.68 USD

CNC'd ARP Washer made here in the USA! All washer are coated with a high end powder coat to ensure no color change! Made from 7075 Billet Aluminum for higher torque specs.


Our CNC'd washers are made by us here in the USA! No need to worry about fading or color change! If you have already bought kits with us no need to worry about buying more bolts! All of these washers are designed to replace the washer that was given within each kit! Below is a description where they will fit!


#10 washers can be used-

  • Memphis shades fairing kit
  • Any windshield ARP kits (Road Glide/Street Glide)

1/4 washers can be used-

  • M8 Rocker Boxes (Recommended qty: 10)
  • Softail Front Fender
  • Seat Bolt

5/16 Washers can be used-

  • 6 Speed Transmission (Recommended qty: 5)

1/2 Washers can be used-

  • Softail Upper Shock Bolt
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